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one of the best pain relief methods for wrist pain is using wrist braces such as futuro wrist brace and support nz

Relieve Pain in Wrist, Hand and Thumb with FUTURO™ Braces and Supports

  • Most of what we do involve our hands. When they’re injured or in pain, we can hardly perform even the simplest of functions, such as carrying a bag or holding a pen. Weakness, loss of strength and coordination, clumsiness, crippling pain, or shock-like sensations are symptoms that you may have a wrist, hand or thumb injury. Pain relief includes resting, stretching, taking anti-inflammatory painkillers, or using wrist brace products, such as FUTURO™ Braces and Supports.

    FUTURO™ Braces and Supports help manage wrist, hand or thumb pain and improve movement by reducing pressure on the nerve in the carpal tunnel. Other brace benefits and features:


    • Designed with comfortable, skin-friendly materials for all-day comfort and support during sport and other physical activities
    • Provide symptomatic relief and reliable support of mild arthritis and weak, sore, swollen or injured wrist, hand or thumb
    • Low-cut, ergonomic shape allows for free hand movement

    How to Choose Your FUTURO™ Braces and Supports for Wrist, Hand and Thumb

Common Causes of Wrist, Hand and Thumb Injuries

  • Symptoms of scaphoid and distal radial fractures include bruising, tenderness, swelling, loss of wrist motion, and mild pain and weakness when you try to grip an object. This condition is often caused after a fall onto an outstretched hand (FOOSH), which usually occurs when trying to break a fall.
  • In osteoarthritis, the cartilage worsens between your joints, causing the protective layer between the bones to gradually fade away. This leads to bones rubbing up against each other, resulting in joint inflammation, pain, stiffness, ache, instability, and a limited range of motion. Old age, hand injury, or overuse and strain are common causes of osteoarthritis. People born with defective cartilage or have a family member with degenerative joint pain are also more likely to develop this condition.
  • Tingling, pain, numbness, and burning sensations in your hand and thumb are common causes of carpal tunnel syndrome. It occurs when pressure is applied to the median nerve, causing muscle weakness and a loss of grip and coordination in the fingers. Aside from genetics, risk factors include repetitive, forceful hand motion, pregnancy, and other health conditions. Aircraft mechanics, appliance and automobile manufacturers, process engineers, and dentists have a higher risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Tenosynovitis is the inflammation of a tendon, which affects the protective tendon sheath filled with lubricating fluid. When inflamed, this causes redness, joint tenderness, pain, swelling and stiffness located on the back of the hand that extends throughout the fingers and thumbs. It is commonly found in people who are exposed to repetitive movements, like those who play racket sports, office workers, gardeners, musicians, carpenters, and dentists.

How to Choose Your FUTURO™ Braces and Supports for Wrist, Hand and Thumb

  • 1. Access our fact sheet for insights and gain a deeper understanding of your injury.

  • 2. Identify your support and compression level, so you can choose your FUTURO™ Brace and Support for Wrist, Hand and Thumb accurately.

  • 3. Use the left-hand navigation to filter FUTURO products by category, type, injury, support and compression level, and size. Get customised results.

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